About Us

Tony’s Restaurant originated in Endicott in 1977. The building that housed Tony’s Restaurant was originally the village billiards hall. Because of a tight budget, Tony and his wife, Gina built the restaurant together themselves. After working around the clock for two months they were finally open for business. Their hard work began to pay off and soon the restaurant was a success. Tony’s Restaurant began to win people over with high quality, generous portions, and fast service at incredible value. It was not too long that people began wrapping a line outside the door, waiting 45 minutes for a table. Tony then saw an opportunity in 1991. He purchased a home in Tioga County that flanked the Susquehanna River. Built in the mid 1800’s, this historical home was soon transferred into another busy Tony’s Restaurant location. In 2002, the Endicott Plaza owners sadly informed Tony that the plaza was being demolished. Tony soon sprung into action. While temporarily opening a restaurant location on Main Street in Endicott, he began scouting property for a new Tony’s Restaurant location. What you see here today is a culmination of 26 years of hard work. This is one of the most important times in the history of this establishment, and with your dedication and hard work, we can create a family oriented environment which will be fun and rewarding in many different ways. We thank you for bringing your skills, personality, and desire for success to Tony’s Italian Grill. Together we have the opportunity to create the ultimate restaurant experience.

We want you to like coming to work with us, have some “fun” within the professional parameters and let your personalities shine through. We want to instill a sense of pride and respect in your work, co-workers, the establishments’ creativity, the space you’re working in and the materials you’re working with. We believe that everything mentioned above translates directly into a better, warmer, friendly, more professional service, which in return translates directly into better earnings for all of you through happier and more satisfied patrons. Tony’s Italian Grill is dedicated to an “open-door” managerial style in which our employees contribute significantly to the success of our restaurant through their involvement, interest and care. What we mean by “open-door” is that we welcome your constructive critique and suggestions so that we can continue to improve the restaurant both for you and the guests. Free flowing communication is the key word, so essential to a healthy, prosperous work environment.

Let’s all work together to create that special, unique and friendly place.